Gentle? Piffle.

Napowrimo Day 4 tells us to be gentle with ourselves.and Ms Quickly gives us a devilish wildcard and the suggestion to make lists.

Gently does it, they all say,
as I grow impatient with immobility.

I don’t want gentle –
I want to run and jump, and swim a mile,
dance all night then play a match
of squash or golf or ride a horse
along the shore, splashing up waves;
travel the world without a hitch,
go to places I’ve never been,
see the things I’ve not yet seen.

Instead, I gently creep about
with cushions piled on every chair
supporting this broken old crone.

Dammit, I don’t want gentle,
I want to ROAR.


All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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32 Responses to Gentle? Piffle.

  1. This poem ROARS! Go get ’em Viv! 😉


  2. Q says:

    I loved this poem so much. You know what it made me think right away? Thank the gods for books! It made me remember how in times when I cannot do, I can always read. Far off lands from close by pages. I think, through your writing, you are roaring.


  3. Eha says:

    Viv ~ ROAR ~ if not with your body just now, roar in your mind . . . and get there minute by minute and day by day . . . one does not give up till the boatman arrives, and if you roar loud enough he surely will be frightened off . . .


  4. ROAR indeed…I love the momentum in this, Viv!! 🙂


  5. ladywhispers says:

    Wow what a take. Roar and roar more. 😀


  6. I feel your impatience with the forced bed rest imposed by your body. Your insides don’t quite match your outside and your spirit is not going to take it quietly, that is the most important thing to keep alive, your roar because before you know it your forced bed rest will be done and you will be roaring to go. 🙂


  7. seekingmeme says:

    Without knowing you or what you are going through, the first part of your poem read as if a little girl was impatiently waiting for her turn at life. It wasn’t until the end that I was smacked in the face with the reality of where this poem was coming from. Your poem made me laugh at the fiesty hunger you have for living life. Much poetic love to you!


  8. This one is so nice!!It reminded me of so many things I didn’t do this year!


  9. Viv, I read your words and I realize how much I can do and don’t do. So today I am going to get out of the house and go on a little mini adventure in your name. I am going to think of you and send loving, healing thoughts to you every minute of my outing that you find ease and grace in your healing and that it happens rapidly.

    Also, just something to think about…. when we are stuck at home healing and unable to get out in the world, it makes for time to pour ourselves onto the page. I hope you lasso and wrangle your words onto the page with a swiftness never before found.

    Peace to you.


  10. cecilia says:

    Piffle .. laugh!! I love that word.. c


  11. cecilia says:

    I love your poems that have this unfettered wild personal edge to them. I think that if you put together a collection of these VIV poems, starting with the chants you made up skipping rope, right through your travels and babies and more travels and so on, heartbreaks and hearts full, right up until now and then tomorrow, taken from your diaries and scraps of paper left inside old books, i think that would be an exceptional piece of work. no editing though. So your voice from each period can be heard. I really do think Viv, that would be an amazing book .. c


  12. Here is a thought – what about a gentle roar – or roaring AND being gentle. Not being a wimp, but roaring with all of your heart and not being concerned with what others might think, roaring anyway. To me this ALL comes under the headline “gentle” – may seem ironic because it is… and I love irony, love paradox, love your delightfully rich and ripe poem this morning.

    Your situation is one I don’t know completely….. and yet the sorrow comes through to me much more than the cranky. You are a delight and yes, as Neil said, we can learn from you. We can grow from you. We can even come alongside you and play in the water or dance or throw really mean looks at the people who grow impatient just because you don’t travel like they travel. I would like to say a profanity here… so just imagine I have, directed at those people and also at the frustration I read in your words. There is so much to relate to here. THANK YOU!


  13. rbhexem says:

    well, roar…….


  14. colonialist says:

    Now, now! Gently does it!
    Gently does what?
    Gently solves mysteries …


  15. Quickly says:

    Howl, kiddo. You know we love you cranky.

    (aren’t you even allowed to swim? I’d think that would be part of your therapy. No waves and undertow, but a few laps in the pool)


  16. restlessjo says:

    You can do all this and more in your imagination, Viv. Keep that chin up 🙂


  17. Alfred Booth says:

    Let’s all roar, and then smile gently when people simply don’t understand.
    Love your originality here!


  18. You roar with your words!

    You are on fire at the moment, Viv; some cracking poems lately.


  19. Shah Wharton says:

    I love this Viv. I can see a lioness in these words!


  20. neil reid says:

    oh Viv, this touches my heart. that also means, because it came from yours. honestly in everything, including what we write, that’s what feeds our spirit well. your poems are real. so many here care for you. you know that. do we all get wishes for wishing? your horse on the beach in the waves? but we get what we get. don’t we? however your voice is clear. don’t know if that’s a roar, but I hear you all the same. we can learn from you Viv. I know that. and thank you thank you.


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