wordle 127

wordle 127

Coming of Age Stories 

Out of the forest creeps a small creature,
peering this way and that.
He had been safely cradled in a secret nest,
under a pile of last year’s leaves
until approaching maturity prompts
rash exile from parental protection.
Stretched out claws leave starred clues.

Three free spirits – adolescent fox cubs –
feel the same urge to escape,
to play at hunting until,
scenting real prey, they creep,
skirting the periphery
of their territory, they spy
the terrified mouse
and pounce as one.

for Brenda’s Sunday Whirl  I wrote this yesterday, using all the wordle words.  On waking I re-read it.  Hm.  Clumsy, I thought.  So I edited a bit and the words to go –
surprise surprise – were 3 wordle words.

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15 Responses to wordle 127

  1. Eha says:

    Not fair! I’m for mousey 🙂 ! But then . . . life often is not . . .


  2. oldegg says:

    That sylvan scene is beautifully created and so easily visualized. Sadly foxes are imported vermin in Australia and do untold harm to native species…but they are still cute!


  3. Pamela says:

    Viv, you have created a lovely image with this poem about foxes. I am fine and the sun is shining today, so, my mood has lifted. We didn’t have any damage here, but there have been sinkholes and burst pipes for some nieghbours. Not to mention those poor people in Acapulco, they really got it the worst. So many displaced with nothing and nowhere to go. It is a sad story all round. Thanks for asking about me.

    Pamela ox


  4. daphnepurpus says:

    I love this! Great foxes (but three on one–poor mouse)!


  5. 1sojournal says:

    Love the foxes, they are quite intelligent creatures, often outwitting those who would make them nothing more than prey. Much like these wordle words which take us to places we might never explore otherwise, and outwitting us with poems we would not have otherwise written.



  6. colonialist says:

    Poor mousikin. Not fair: three on one!


  7. The images are so sweet. any creature as a baby generates a smile. 🙂


  8. annell says:

    I love the foxes!


  9. I love the playful image of the three pouncing as one.


  10. drpkp says:

    Awww… beautiful poem and a surpise pounce that had me jump!


  11. I’m glad to hear it! Some of my best poems start off as wordles and end with hardly any of the words…but they wouldn’t have been written without them.


  12. Lovely image of these creatures…love it, Viv!!


  13. Bad day for the mouse!


  14. restlessjo says:

    Nothing much wrong with the grey matter, Viv. Happy Sunday to you 🙂


  15. Stan Ski says:

    They grow up so fast… 🙂


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