Still in hospital

Here is a one sentence update from Mum this morning:

‘I have just downed a glass of white stuff that tasted and looked like wallpaper paste.’

She also dictated a joke to ‘The Laughing Housewife’ yesterday.

I thought the doctors had decided that Mum had a vertebral infection causing her so much back pain but it appears they are still checking their diagnosis with further tests.  She is no longer flat on her back but sitting up and taking the odd tentative slow stroll.  They promised her physiotherapy yesterday which never materialised but hopefully that will happen today.

She now has a lovely home-baked tart to eat that was delivered by friends yesterday along with some sweet peas and a good book – ‘Teaching a stone to talk: expeditions and encounters’  by Annie Dillard.

Thanks again for thinking of Mum and all your get well messages.

Sally (Viv’s Daughter)

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15 Responses to Still in hospital

  1. Debi Swim says:

    I’ve been missing her posts at Poetic Bloomings but thought she was still in moving and settling in mode. So sorry to hear she is in the hospital with back problems. Tell her she is being thought of and missed.


  2. Oh my, remind your mum her new home is waiting for her and will be a place of quiet and love very soon.


  3. sharechair says:

    Sending positive thoughts her way….. Hope today brings tastier beverages. (wallpaper paste? yuch!)


  4. Excruciating to have to swallow wallpaper, or even wallpaper glue – do hope the tart nullifies that experience and that ‘our Viv’ will be back up and skipping into her new house very soon. Best wishes, Meredith


  5. cecilia says:

    Love to Viv, tell her all is well on the farmy and I do hope she gets her Get Out of Jail card soon. There she is with her lovely new little house waiting for her. Thank you again Sally. c


  6. restlessjo says:

    Lucky old Viv 😦 Think of all the mischief she has time to plot.


  7. Viv – so sorry. Had no idea!! My sympathy with you re those backpains! Get well soon – we miss you here. And thanks to Sally for keeping us informed. Carina 🙂


  8. Waltermarks says:

    Hospitals are no fun at all. Way too much room service. Get well soon.


  9. brian miller says:

    sorry did not realize this viv…hugs and prayers your way…
    and thank goodness for home made tarts eh? smiles.


  10. barbara_y says:

    Thanks, Sally. We miss her.


  11. Sending her hugs. Thanks for keeping us updated.


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