Update on Mum’s Internet Access

I have spoken to Mum this morning and unfortunately I do not have good news for you.  She has managed to damage her back (she has some stuck discs) and is currently in hospital.  She is hoping that the phone and internet at her new home will be working on Monday but she may not be there to appreciate it.  Jock will hopefully deliver her some paper and a pen soon so that she can write lots of poetry for posting at a later date.

Sally (Viv’s daughter)

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The Hutts from Northumberland
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19 Responses to Update on Mum’s Internet Access

  1. Sara McNulty says:

    Tell her to get well; we miss her.


  2. melanie says:

    Bonne santé, bon courage & quick recovery!


  3. Sending healing thoughts and love.


  4. Misky says:

    Goodness me. Please send along my best wishes.


  5. neil reid says:

    Please do say hello for me. Viv is genuinely one of the most adorable folks around these big parts around our big world. Wishes and prayers for healing are only natural in all regard. And thank you too Sally for keeping us this much closer here. ~neil reid


  6. Jo Woolf says:

    No! Poor Viv! Please give her our very best wishes. She really did not need that right now!


  7. lidipiri says:

    Please give her all the healing vibes we are sending her! And so touching that she thinks of us!


  8. So sorry to hear that news. Hope she gets better real soon and can join us all again. Hugs to her, Carina 🙂


  9. barbara_ says:

    Poor Viv. It doesn’t rain but it pours.
    Be careful with yourself, hear?


  10. Send her all of my love and good wishes for a speedy recovery!


  11. oh no. Sending healing energies her way.


  12. Tony Maude says:

    Sorry to hear this news, Sally. Hope your Mum is better soon.


  13. Sally, this was the first post in my inbox. We all love your mom – and your dad through her writings about Jock over the years – and I want you to know I’m praying for Viv to be back on her feet soon. I had a nagging feeling that the move was going to result in someone being injured, but in hospital? Please tell her Amy sends her love and prayers.

    You are a wonderful daughter for posting this in her stead. She talks about you in glowing terms, and now we know why. Love to all, Amy


  14. Hope she is back out soon. Miss her posts


  15. Oh, dear. Sending lots of healing vibes and ones for patience, too…it’s not easy. ♥


  16. rosross says:

    Oh dear, sending light and love and hope she is up and running soon. Missing her words.


  17. Oh no! Send her all my love and best wishes. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • thehutts says:

      That was fast – within minutes of me publishing you had replied! She was asking after your trip to London so I told her you had a good time. We have just got back from a visit to Ireland so I have lots of catching up to do and a Kielder Osprey blog to write but I will try and keep you all posted. S


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