Haiku: Tragedy averted

Bomb in local field –
war remains to remind us
of catastrophe.

In the news yesterday:  a dramatic account of the discovery of a WWII bomb in a field near where we used to live.  All roads closed, school evacuated to another village, elderly folk royally entertained in a Salle de Fêtes, and the brave bomb disposal unit wasted no time in disarming the first of two detonators.  The second was more tricky, as the bomb was lying on it.  Nervous sweat and courageous muscle managed to turn the weapon and disarm the second, made of “culot”a metal, but which normally translates as cheek or  chutzpah!  A huge ‘ouf de soulagement’  (sigh of relief) as the harmless remains are trundled away on a tractor to a waiting lorry.  After 7 hours the roads were re-opened and the inhabitants brought home.

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3 Responses to Haiku: Tragedy averted

  1. Lynda says:

    We didn’t get that news here (or I missed it). Chilling to know that after all these years there are remains. Glad for the safe and happy resolution!


  2. Hooray that everyone is safe and hooray for the bomb dismantling unit!


  3. Oh, wow!

    I loved today’s exposition – exciting!


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