A little bit of fun


Au Marché

Bonjour Marie-Lou,
(bisou, bisou, bisou)
T’a mal ou ?

La hanche, le genou –
un peu partout.
Me too.

Photo credit http://lauraconsistentlyinconsistent.blogspot.fr/2010/12/old-ladies.html
Translation of this regularly heard exchange among my age group:

At the Market

Hallo Mary Lou.
(air kisses, three)
Where does it hurt?
My hip, my knee,
just about everywhere.
And me.

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16 Responses to A little bit of fun

  1. Wonderful dialogue and it turns into such nice verse.


  2. Pat Hatt says:

    haha fun indeed, sadly know how she feels even at my age


  3. Pamela says:

    Viv, I suppose we can get there, if we are so lucky. Thanks for my late night chuckle.



  4. Ruth says:

    fun in the telling, but i know how they feel… love this, viv


  5. Blue Flute says:

    Love this! Especially the French version, very playful.


  6. janehewey says:

    very nicely done! i’m smiling.


  7. Laurie Kolp says:

    haha… thanks for the giggles


  8. brian miller says:

    ha at least they can connect in their pains…and relate…smiles…nice


  9. That is so adorable. I wish someday I’ll have an “old lady” friend like that too. Except we’ll be eating ice cream on a bench, while people watching at the park. 😀


  10. Fun in French and English!

    I just found this in my inbox; I must have missed it.


  11. Sherry Marr says:

    Oh, me, too. Oui, oui:)


  12. Now, I hope I keep these kinds of girlfriends to a ripe old age! Grande dames, for sure, Viv. Love, Amy


  13. cecilia says:

    Ok that made me laugh! gorgeous! c


  14. That is so cute.:)


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