abject tearful
gut-wrenching soul-searing
despair  pain reflection prayer
excusing accepting forgiving
mindful selfless

At first sight, Margo Roby’s template for writing a diamante seemed a bit like painting by numbers

Line 1:         Noun, the opposite of Line 7
Line 2:         2 adjectives describing the noun in Line 1
Line 3:         3 verbs ending in -ing related to Line 1
Line 4:         2 nouns about Line 1 and 2 nouns about Line 7
Line 5:         3 verbs ending in -ing related to Line 7
Line 6:         2 adjectives describing Line 7
Line 7:         Noun, the opposite of Line 1

but as I got into the swing of choosing, it became engrossing – another lesson in careful word selection to say exactly what you mean.

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10 Responses to Diamante

  1. Such a deep delving into these states of being…well done on the dimante, Viv!!


  2. Nice pivoting from “misery to serenity”, Viv. Great word selection. Which I found the most challenging part of this form.



  3. Rachael says:

    Well done persevering with a quite challenging task!


  4. Misky says:

    Very nice piece. I agree with Margo that you have order right – negative to positive. Well done, Viv.


  5. A very uplifting diamante, Viv! A strong, spirited poem.


  6. pmwanken says:

    Oh…I love the line that starts with despair and ends in prayer. Very precise in reflecting both ends of the diamante! I struggled with the form, but (as I told Misky, as well) you make it look so easy!


  7. kaykuala says:

    Wonderful write. Viv! It’s nothing like trying something new. This Diamante puts a lot of discipline in its creation. Will try out later! Thanks for sharing, Ma’am!



  8. margo roby says:

    I had the same feeling about diamantes, originally, until I tried writing one. I’m glad you went from misery to serenity and not the other way around!


  9. Excellent write, looks to be a tough challenge. May give it a try.


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