A Peripatetic Life

A Peripatetic Life

From tidy London suburb
to riverside freedom
interlude of semi-homelessness
in nasty little urban flat
more suburban respectability
for wildish teenage years.

Young married pride
in rural isolation
knowing everyone in town
then more suburban respectability
for family growing years.

crazy seventies village life
of  service , fun, work and angst
empty nest and empty heart
more urban living—house
then flat then flat again
nothing settled anchor gone.

New life, new husband
picture postcard cottage
all change again to poky flat
and dual life, part urban work
part rural ruin in France
before adventuring again.

Cramped hotel room in paradise
idyllic airy flat beside tropic sea
brief flit inland a hundred yards
before mammoth move
across continents again

to resting place in France
spiritual, cultural, comfort space
no matter which of four French dwellings
in turn we had arrived home.

http://poeticbloomings.com/2012/05/13/coming-home-prompt-55/  Marie Elena’s prompt of a “home” poem, wanted to add an international dimension to the theme, so I had a go at summarising my various homes.  I wrote a much better poem than this, then leant on something and it disappeared into the bowels of the laptop, never to be seen again.  So this poem is a poor second draft.  Suggestions welcome.

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19 Responses to A Peripatetic Life

  1. Jill Mcneilly says:

    I love to read poetry,but can’t write it however hard I try.This poem for a non poet like me expresses alot about my life and feelings .


  2. aprille says:

    I’m worn out from all that packing 🙂


  3. In just a few lines, you’ve painted a snapshot of your life…many different chapters. And yes, you rather propelled us through the phases. Well done, Viv.


  4. kaykuala says:

    Seems to be a familiar pattern of setting home and moving over the years. Can well relate to this Viv! In between there would be friends,family,furnishings and a host of other never ending activities. Great write Ma’am!



  5. Full circle, a clean circle without unnecessary details. A very uncluttered presentation of life notchings in memory. Beautiful writing. You always inspire me.


  6. They say home is where the heart is… I get the feeling your heart is big and at home wherever you are. Great write


  7. zongrik says:

    so many experiences, back and forth, what a life

    radiation rampage


  8. brian miller says:

    eh not bad at all for a second draft…smiles…maybe that inspiration will strike you again one day..nice to walk through all your residences…i think each had its charms you know…we have lived a bunch of different places so it got me thinking of my own…though i would not mind settling in france you know…smiles.


  9. Viv, I can feel your comfort in the last stanza. Nice.



  10. Marjory M Thompson says:

    Hello Viv, Visiting from The Garden. I really like your poem as it is. A life-story in brief. For myself , I got caught it details of memory and had to settle for just a few years of rambling.

    Marjory (MMT) Blaine, Washington USA!


  11. siggiofmaine says:

    I do like this…Maybe the words will come back bit by bit…if not, I didn’t enjoy reading this version.

    When I’m typing something I think I want to be sure to not delete…and that has happened several times the past week…not to be found in saved, deleted on the screen when I closed down, Sigh. I try to remember to sent a copy to myself every stanza or so…or put on a computer post it (copy and paste to the post it) note on my screen…I can do it most easily to the post it without losing my mental thought flow.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


  12. Pseu says:

    (It may still be there, that lost document) if you look in recent documents. Right click on your word icon to see if it offers you ‘recent documents’ —- or recovered documents. ….or try in ‘deleted items’. Keep looking!

    I have a feeling you are trying to squeeze too much ‘telling’ into one poem when there’s enough here for a whole collection – or at least a series. 🙂


  13. Phew, Viv! A whole life in six verses? I’m not surprised something had to leak away when you tried to recreate it! You know I’m not a poem person, so I’m no use for suggestions. But I’m sure your subconscious will be working on it all day, as you go about doing this and that, and with a bit of luck it’ll all come tumbling back later in the evening:)


  14. Tilly Bud says:

    Interesting how the lack of punctuation gives it pace, but there’s a whole life written here so a slower pace might be what it needs. There’s no time to take it all in.

    Not keen on ‘wildish’; is the rep deliberate? Did you feel like a teenager again in the Seventies?


    • vivinfrance says:

      Thank you, Tilly. You picked up on the pace, and that was what I was aiming for – the multitude of moves, the phrenetic speed at which life changes. I still don’t think I have adequately conveyed my personal sense of home – each one of those places we lived in, even the grotty ones, have been special to me, and my memories are all bound up in homes. Written as a life story, I would have done it entirely differently.

      The wildish was an accident, second one changed. I’m so cross with myself for losing the first draft – it was a much more poetic poem than this one. I cudgelled my brains to re-construct it, but it wouldn’t come.


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