Haiku Heights Challenge, last day

30 Zest

Appetite for life
grows no weaker in old age –
more concentrated.


The zest of a lemon
in the making of a cake
adds flavoursome zing.

zest for writing haiku
developed with this challenge –
long may it continue.

The 30th of April sees the end of an exciting and productive month for the poetic blogosphere.  The enthusiasm generated by various prompt sites has been refreshing, and some superb poetry has appeared all over the place.  What next, I wonder?

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18 Responses to Haiku Heights Challenge, last day

  1. Patti says:

    Um, a very zesty way to finish up the April challenge! I can feel my mouth puckering…


  2. Very Refreshing…


  3. Mr. Walker says:

    I know the middle one is true. I hope the other two are true as well. I, too, have enjoyed this haiku challenge. I hope it continues for me as well.



  4. Grace says:

    Very nice zest lines…I have enjoyed your share this month of April ~

    Happy journeys ~


  5. becca givens says:

    Viv — you made it through till the end … Bravo!! Here’s to your health and zest for life!!! 😀
    It’s been a great day of zest ~~ and a wonderful journey of Haiku throughout the month. Thank you for sharing!! Happy week — Happy May!!
    Day 30 ~~ Captured Hearts


  6. artmusedog says:

    Great haiku ~ loved the last one ~great to share haiku with you for April ~Hope to see you on Saturday HH ^_^ ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^


  7. tigerbrite says:

    Well done. It’s been such an enjoyable challenge hasn’t it 🙂


  8. kaykuala says:

    Yes, ‘long may it continue’ in another time. Great set of haiku Viv!



  9. Pseu says:

    I always think zest is a marvellous word…
    especially in Scrabble on the triple word score.

    Lovely set of haiku!


  10. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Oh, I was so hoping that someone would put “zing” and “zest” in the same poem—and you did it! Delightful!

    Elusive Music


  11. Jaideep says:

    :). Even I wonder,. Great month indeed, thank you 🙂


  12. siggiofmaine says:

    You made it all the way to the end ! Congratulations on some great haiku over the month.
    For today, delightful trio..my favorite the first.☺.♥.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine, USA


  13. ladynimue says:

    Love the varied expressions here 🙂
    Good post !


  14. Good day Viv, wonderfully composed set of haiku. It was really a time of learning during this April Challenge of Haiku Heights.


  15. Tilly Bud says:

    It’s YOUR zest for life that keeps you young 🙂


  16. Misky says:

    Delightful take on zest. 🙂 Well done, Viv.


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