Haiku Heights 29 – untitled

Yellow glints gild leaves
of morning trees, in contrast
to storm cloud setting.

Intense grey background –
cumulo-nimbus heralds
relentless torrent.

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All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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12 Responses to Haiku Heights 29 – untitled

  1. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I’m ready for a storm, but since we have clear blue skies today, I’ll settle for your ominous imagery!

    A haibun, Honey for My Soul


  2. The scene is seen in the Haiku, no need of pic. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Cynosure says:

    lovely… 🙂


  4. Ruth says:

    lovely, Viv… I’m no fan of storms, but I love watching the sky before and after – could really picture yours


  5. tigerbrite says:

    Great word painting haiku. On the Costa Blanca the sun is hot… but the wind (not quite force 9) is very chilling.


  6. Always great haiku here ~ lovely ~ hugs and namaste, ^_^


  7. Grace says:

    I like the contrasts of the leaves versus the torrent of the rains ~ Hope your day is sunny and bright ~


  8. Tilly Bud says:

    I can see it! Lovely word picture.


  9. I liked your haiku, especially the second one.


  10. Misky says:

    I love when the sun ‘glints’ through storm clouds and brightens everything. Lovely choice of words, Viv.


  11. siggiofmaine says:

    Your post sounded like you were here in Downeast Maine when you wrote it !
    Thanks for sharing,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


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