Avarice, a Deadly Sin

http://margoroby.wordpress.com/ asks us to write a list poem based on what we’ve learned from watching TV.  I hadn’t seen TV for a week, but I read the Daily Telegraph on line, and on the TV news this morning the lead stories are still the same.  Here are a few of the stories on today’s BBC news site. They might appear to be only loosely linked, but there is a thread which runs through them all.

Barclays targeted over bonuses The revolt over pay at Barclays shifted up a gear today when another shareholder group advised investors to vote against the bank’s “aggressive” bonus scheme.  Barclays’ chief executive Bob Diamond is in line for a total package worth £17.7m but he faces a showdown with shareholders at the bank’s annual meeting on April 27.

Charities’ fury over Chancellor’s ‘tax dodge’ attack on donors  Charities warn that their funding is under threat after Downing Street launches attack on wealthy individuals who benefit from tax relief on donations to organisations which do little work for good causes.

Clegg in ‘energy deal guarantee’ Energy companies will be required to tell customers what their best deal is, in a move which ministers say could save households up to £100 a year.  Fuel poverty ‘to rise to 8.5m’

AVARICE, a deadly sin

Tax avoidance is big business –
high rollers pay less than their cleaners
obscene millions paid to bankers
politicians aren’t much better
accountants too are getting richer
finding ways to avoid what’s due.

Working people grow much poorer
Families can’t pay the bills
for the power to use their heaters
buy the fuel to run their cars.
If the rich won’t pay their taxes
we can’t feed the hungry,
cure the sick,
fund new jobs
and build new homes.

Something has gone badly wrong
if thousands live on city streets
the world’s starving millions die.
How can we defend disparity?
Greed society is king.

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10 Responses to Avarice, a Deadly Sin

  1. Disparity is the stuff of which revolution is born.


  2. The second stanza speaks volumes here, Viv. I see you are back at home, you take it easy.



  3. margo roby says:

    You give tongue, or pen, to one of my rants, a topic that I cannot fathom, as I read where the millions are spent instead of on the millions. Oh, oh… better stop.


  4. brenda w says:

    You go, Viv! This is strong writing. How can we defend disparity, indeed?!


  5. Tilly Bud says:

    I love it when you rail against injustice.


  6. Misky says:

    I’m not sure that one person’s lifespan is long enough to tackle this list. 😦


  7. The power of an angry pen, Viv.


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