True Worth

True worth – Shadorma

“Poor and content is rich, and rich enough” W Shakespeare, Othello

is a state of mind
to be wished.
Worth far more than ecstasy
or first bloom of love.

was my goal throughout
all of my
working life.
Now that I’ve found poetry,
gladness will  persist.

These shadorma fulfil the prompt at to write an epigraph poem, and also Marie Elena’s prompt at


All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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5 Responses to True Worth

  1. earlybird says:

    Lovely contented poem, Viv.


  2. ceciliag says:

    Content is how i feel wandering about my farm! wonderful.. c


  3. Beautiful, Viv. I love this form. Nice contribution to the PAD challenge.



  4. Tilly Bud says:

    I love the gentleness of this, Viv.


  5. Mike Patrick says:

    Lovely poem on a worthwhile subject. Would that this troubled soul could find contentment solely through poetry.


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