Little boy’s eyes grow bigger and wider
magical bubbles go pop with a splutter
myriad colours charm and enchant.
Lips to the ring, gentle breath flutters,
the sorceress dips in the wonderful potion
blows once again.  Small boy’s emotion
says ‘More Mummy, more,
and a shower of rainbows
bursts on the floor 

Such a simple machine
a stick and a ring,
some washing up liquid,
cylindrical tin.
What a marvellous thing
to cause all this joy
and this magic
for just one small boy.

for http://bluebellbooks.blogspot.com/2011/09/short-story-slam-week-11.html – where you will find a bubbly prompt picture.  And for good measure, here’s a little story.

Brillo the Bear

All appeared calm – or at least as calm as any bathroom can be that contains water, bubbles and a two-year-old child.  Alice, a peaceable girl, was usually amenable to persuasion, adored her Gran.  But today?  Oh dear.  The addition of Brillo the bear to the bathtime menagerie seemed to have brought a metamorphosis.

            Nothing was right for her this evening.   ‘The shampoo tastes disgusting’ she yelled.  ‘I want strawberry shampoo.’

            ‘I want doesn’t get, dear’ replied Grandma.  A cascade of bubbles found their way promptly over the side of the bath.

            ‘Careful dear, you’re wetting the bath mat.’

            ‘Don’t care’ and a whoosh of water followed the bubbles by way of reply.

            ‘Oh look’ said Grandma.  ‘Brillo bear has fallen out.  Has he caused all this carry on?  I’ll banish him to the bedroom.’ 

            ‘Oh no you won’t’ came a growly voice from the bear. ‘I’m king of this castle now, and what I say goes. Stop upsetting Gran.  We can’t have that.  Now, shall we both get our hair washed?  What lovely banana flavour shampoo.’

            Alice stopped splashing, open-mouthed.  She wasn’t sure whether to cry or giggle.  Phew! thought Gran. Ventriloquist Grandpa came just in time.

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13 Responses to Bubbles

  1. Greatly enjoyed both these pieces!


  2. I really enjoyed the poem… it was quite wonderful 🙂


  3. Judith says:

    Both are beautiful and isn’t it wonderful that children can still be mesmerised with bubbles in today’s world of technology!


  4. Two nicely done pieces. Excellent work 🙂


  5. Morning says:

    both are beautiful



  6. Tilly Bud says:

    Two charming pieces, Viv. Love them.


  7. joursdemots says:

    So evocative – the words that took me back were ‘cylindrical tin’ as bubble mixture always came in little grey tins with a screw lid. You had to be really careful not to spill any when you opened them.


  8. Kim Nelson says:

    The bubble piece is sheer magic, Viv! I adored every syllable, not only because they were well chosen and constructed, but also because I enjoy bubble fun with my two year old grandson, as I did with his daddy and aunts so long ago. A wonderful reminder of life’s simple, pure, true pleasures.


  9. This is so cute banana smelling hair shampoo what a great ending and so sweet


  10. poetry and story, what a smart combination, Thanks for sharing.


  11. There is something so hypnotic about bubbles. Love both of these, Viv.


  12. i love the “simple things” feel of the poem, and the grandpa saving the day story was cute, too! Nice post!


  13. earlybird says:



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