what did I see this week?

Elizabeth’s journaling prompt this week http://1sojournal.wordpress.com/2010/12/05/journal-writing-prompt-7/ sent me to another prompt site  http://isawsunday.blogspot.com/ which asked us to write about our week.

What did I see this week.

I’m like the sailor who joined the navy, to see the sea.  What did he see?  He saw the sea.  Only in my case, I saw an awful lot of snow.   I stayed mostly  indoors staring at my computer screen, as I worked on last month’s PAD poems to get them ready for submission.  Most of the poems were written in a rush, and needed a great deal of thought to put them into some kind of shape.  Many were discarded completely.  The few old poems posted during the month would be a piece of cake, I thought, as they had had considerable editing.  Not so: glaring faults leapt out at me and caused shame at my misconception of them as “finished.”  Can a poem ever be regarded as finished?

Wednesday was my birthday, but the severe weather meant the cancellation of my birthday trip with friends to an Asian restaurant about twenty miles away. The friends were leaving for the UK the following day, and had no food in the house, so Jock and I set about making a birthday feast.  This turned out to be much more fun than a Chinese meal would have been.  The steak and kidney from the freezer, turned into a tasty pie, went down extremely well.  Laughter was the order of the evening.

Next day, I did manage to trudge around the garden, with snow up to the top of my wellies, and take some photos which turned out so well that I am using some of them to make Christmas cards.  One batch, taken in the morning show a leaden sky and little detail – you can see some of them, with my favourite Linden tree centre stage, here https://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2010/12/02/january/.  After lunch, the sun came out and transformed the scene, so much so that our village church was clearly visible through the wild part of the garden: https://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/snow-in-sun/  .

Feeding the birds has been a rewarding occupation – the fat balls were especially popular, with pastry trimmings and sunflower seeds coming in a close second.  We’ve had lots of grateful visitors to the bird tables, and they are a joy to watch.

Saturday and Sunday were warmer, and the snow melted gradually, washed away by persistent rain, leaving only the drifts around the house as snow slid from the roof.  Metéo France tells us that we’re in for more snow in the next week or two.  Last year was the first in our twenty years in Normandy that we’ve seen snow last for longer than a day.  It lasted nearly two months, so the thought of a similar winter appals me.

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13 Responses to what did I see this week?

  1. derrick2 says:

    Hi Viv,

    I enjoyed looking at your snowy pics and the misty one too! I’m glad your birthday meal turned out a success too; steak and kidney sounds just the thing in this weather. It was minus 14 c here this morning!


  2. Susannah says:

    A belated happy birthday to you! 🙂

    We have had lots of snow here too and have had loads of birds and squireels taking advantage of the seed and fat balls we put out for them (I bought mine, I shall have to try making them now :-)) we have squirrels that are becoming regulars too.

    I really like the idea of the PAD challenge I am sure it would have been something I’d have really enjoyed. Well done on doing it.

    Thanks very much for joining in with I Saw Sunday, perhaps you’ll come back and join in again next week. It would be great to have you there. 🙂


    • vivinfrance says:

      PAD seemed like one mad scramble to me, but yes, it was very satisfying.
      I’m adding I Saw Sunday to my blogroll, and will try and keep it up – anything to keep me writing every day!


  3. Happy, happy birthday. “Bon Anniversaire, nos voeus les plus sinceres…etc.”
    I don’t remember much snow when I lived in Brittany…only fog and drizzle. :0)
    And in the Jura…ice.


  4. Lovely snowbound. I like that too. Makes me feel sealed up, get down to work. When the sun is shinning and the weather is fine, 56 degree, something of me leaves the building. I have missed snow this year, they told us it would be a dry warm winter, global warming. And I have much to do, I’ve been up since 4, did write a piece I like, for Big Tent Poetry. Now I have to get to visual work. I did enjoy your write.


  5. 1sojournal says:

    Thank you so much Viv. I really like the I Saw Sunday site. When I first went there, I thought I wouldn’t have much to say (same old, same old). Funny how through the week now, little things get noticed and I find myself saying, “That is one I have to save and write about.” These are odd little things I don’t necessarily put in my journal, but end up being odd little tid-bits that simply say, “I’m alive and aware.”

    Just as your post does. I love that you ‘made due’ and created your own birthday bash. Spontanaity is sometimes so much better than a formal plan. And what kind of birds are you feeding with those fat balls? Colors? Do they sing? And the snow. I love the snow as long as I’m inside looking out through a window at it, lol.

    And the poems? Same here. They aren’t ever really finished. I had one that hung on for ten years before I realized that all it needed was to rearrange the verses. Once I did that, I also found the title. Amazing. I’ve now completed five of the PAD poems, and plan on using today to work on more of them. Realized there is a hole in the middle of my story and will have to fill it. But, that too shall come. In its own time and volition. Thanks again for trying this one. I love what you have done.




  6. Tilly Bud says:

    I don’t think poems ever are finished. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve gone back to one and seen terrible errors that I can’t believe I never noticed before.

    I’ve been worried about our birds but they have been ignoring the bread I put out; how do I make fat balls for them?

    You have had an interesting week, Viv. Thanks for sharing.


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