Pop icons?

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I'm so old that nobody will have heard of my pop icons (slight exaggeration).

I’m glad I’m not young any more, no longer obliged to be cool, pop icons are such a bore. I don’t have to put up with fools, or obey the rules, like at school: so I’m glad I’m not young any more. At parties, I brace myself for loud noise, which I think of as cruel; pop music is such a bore. Some singers I just can’t ignore, so dishy they make me drool. I’m still glad I’m not young any more. Heavy metal is what I deplore - half-deaf and of the old school, pop icons can be such a bore. Just a beat and a roar, at a level so loud you’ll decline to be cool and be glad you’re not young any more.

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22 Responses to Pop icons?

  1. Tumblewords says:

    Great job! So many icons, so little time! Actually, I was hard pressed to find a current one. And I doubt anyone would remember my older ones. 🙂


  2. I’ve always been someone who swims against the currents of mainstream music, so I can share these sentiments. Though some of the music I listen to may be a little loud for some :).


  3. brenda w says:

    Viv, You’ve done justice to the villanelle here. I love that form, and I love your piece.
    “No longer obliged to be cool” speaks volumes about aging. Importance shifts. Great piece. Bravo! ~Brenda


  4. Dick says:

    PS And I suspect that you never heard The Kinks (credited as having kick-started British heavy metal with ‘You Really Got Me’) in their heyday. Gloriously, intoxicatingly loud when I heard them at Klook’s Kleek in ’64!


  5. Dick says:

    Well, I’m with you re heavy metal, Viv, but – much as I love the sound – there are few outfits louder and more in your face than a ’40s swing band in full cry. Which is exactly as it should be; volume has its place!


  6. b_y says:

    Fun, viv. It would be difficult to decide who today’s music icons are. every niche has its own. I like your list, though I suspect the only one we would have shared at the time is Dusty Springfield.


  7. systematicweasel says:

    Some of today’s icons can be a tad ridiculous. Excellent work!



  8. twitches says:

    Love the idea of using an old-school form to present some old-school preferences. Very clever.


  9. 1sojournal says:

    2 things: Loved the line about not being obliged to be cool anymore, just being me is more than enough. Thank you.

    And I’m so glad I am not the only one who didn’t get into Elvis. I can remember walking to school with a girl who was head over heels about him, and how I would continually glance side-ways at her and wonder if I was the one who was screwed up.

    Thanks much for this one,



  10. I agree that heavy metal is a “pain in the ear” but could listen to it much easier than “Hip-Hop”.
    The villanelle was done so well…(hey, that rhymes!)


  11. pamela says:

    Viv love this poem and the villanelle is well-penned. I detest heavy metal but there are some new artists I like though.


  12. Mary says:

    Viv, I enjoyed your poem (I’m a fan of the villanelle and admire a good one) and also your answer to Stan’s question. I do like some of the music of today. Lady Gaga (despite her outrageous attire) is quite good; and I’m a big fan of the Black-Eyed-Peas. But a lot does nothing for me…most rap, heavy metal is noise!


  13. Viv you nailed icons on the head (so to speak). My daughters and I have delved into many hours of discussion as to the musical merit of Rap. I find none in Swahili shaman chant. I enjoyed your poem. Good work and thanks for the comment.


  14. mark says:

    There are days when I concur and days when I would disagree. Still in all, I love your take on the prompt and culture in general.


  15. I think I was weaned on folk music and it’s still my favorite. Loved your take on pop music.


  16. Rallentanda says:

    calmarse un poco y respirar profundo!


  17. tillybud says:

    Looking back over your life and writing about it.


  18. tillybud says:

    Viv, another good’un. You’ve got a whole theme running at the moment – time for a collection?



    • vivinfrance says:

      Do tell, Tilly – I can’t see any theme running through recent stuff. Except, perhaps for a feeling of kicking against the pricks, bolshie feelings at advancing age and decrepitude!


  19. vivinfrance says:

    You are so young, Stan (the same age as my daughter).

    As a young girl: Vera Lynn, Bing Crosby, FRANK SINATRA, Perry Como, Vic Damone, Bill Haley and the Comets, (Rock around the clock was the first record I ever bought) Vince Hill, Des O’Connor, Jimmy Young, Cliff Richard. I never took to Elvis. … then for years I was into Trad Jazz and Ragtime. As a young married: The Seekers, The New Seekers, The Beatles and the entire Liverpool scene, The Kinks, Dusty Springfield Carole Carpenter, ABBA …FRANK SINATRA, ELLA. I can’t think of any current pop icons that do anything for me at all!


  20. Stan Ski says:

    Maybe I’m not old enough to share your poem’s view – I feel that as long as I can still hear, I’ll listen.
    I’d love to know who your pop icons are… some of mine pre-date my birth (1964) by decades…


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