OctPo 31 – A Toast to the Prompters

OctPoWriMo  has gone relatively smoothly for me this year, maybe because of my decision from the start  to write only short poetry,  and to  stick to the prompts.  In other years I’ve strayed off-piste from time to time, but this year the prompts have been inspiring for the most part.  A small hiccup mid-month, when poetry went temporarily AWOL, was answered with my usual bloody-mindedness and determination to write through it.   

Nothing earth-shatteringly good has emerged, and any halfway worthwhile contributions may need to suffer some editing to bring them up to scratch.   I have been following a university Future Learn course on Hadrian’s Wall this month, as well as poeming, and was surprised to find no overlap at all.  Last year I was studying the oceans, which provided lots of poetic material.

A last wee dip into the poetry prompt well: Feeling Love Hope Excitement Gratitude Wonderment Poetry Writing Experience Journey Flowing Sharing


Writing poetry with sharing caring poets
is an experience I will not soon forget.
With love, hope and  excitement we
set  out on this  October  journey,
words flowing in wonderment
grateful for the motivation
and encouragement
of your prompts.
Thank you


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Ante-penultimate Octpo – The Day Before


The Day Before
I became a mother, I had no idea
that life could change so much.  I had no fear
that I could cope, saw no snags ahead,
no illness, accidents or quarrels.

Competent in business and domestic life,
I’d had no idea how upside down, shambolic
life would be for years and years,
not to mention melancholic when they went.

Not afraid of responsibility or work
I’d no idea how tired I’d be from watching out,
clearing up, and cooking food they threw about,
teaching, reading, saving and scrimping,
holidays camping,  mopping up spills and conflict of wills.

But all of a sudden
tomorrow becomes today,
and they’ve gone away.
Life is quiet … and calm … and boring.


This is a bit of a freewrite.  The prompt and lots of more considered responses can be found here

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OctPo Day 29 – history of love

The honeymoon was over
What did I discover?
Chatty, became morose
Passionate became cold
Fascinating became boring
Love had been blind.

Other interpretations of the prompt here

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Wilting, unloved
waiting for rescue by
tenderness unleashed

You’ll find other hungry poets here

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Dead to the World


With aching body and burning eyes
from too much reading, seek repose.
Pillows thumped and shoulders hunched,
lamp extinguished, darkness soothes.
The world retreats, oblivion beckons.
Dreams approach with every second.
A new world appears, fantastic scenes
where I can fly to escape danger.
The gauze lifts, reveals the stranger
who’ll be adored as my destiny.
The scene shifts to domestic strife,
anxiety, tension and stress take over -
until a jerk hauls me back to life.
Morning brings my cup of tea,
swiftly returning to sanity,
and for a while, sweet sleep is gone.

second try for OctPo 27


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OctPo 27….Sleep….

Today’s prompt is right up my street, but…..

Yawn, yawn
I have to take a nap
I may write a poem later!

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wordle 184 gobbledegook

Poppies aren’t blue.
Thirteen frivolous inklings
say they are.  Strange,
their roots must be gnarled,
coated in woad,
audibly screaming
for speedy growth
to literary apocalyptic

I wasn’t able to think of anything coherent to do with today’s wonderful word selection, hence my title!  I’m sure you’ll find better poetry at the Sunday Whirl


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The Oct|Po prompt for today is to confront our fears.  What scares me most is pain and not much else, so I went back in my mind to childhood terror. 


Climb the ladder,
giggles and squeals,
up and up and up and up
to the roof of the barn,
the top of the hay.

One by one
boys and girls leap down,
whooping and hollering with glee.
My turn.  Help, it’s me.
the world turns and whirls
and I teeter on the beam.
I can’t.  Yes you can.
An eternity of indecision passes,
it must have been at least a minute.
Resignation reigns
more scared of scorn than of jumping.
I lean forward, tentative,
arms spread-eagled
but I don’t fly.
I fall,
accelerate through the shaft of sunlight
to the cushioned, scratchy
bed of hay beneath
take a deep breath
and promptly climb the ladder
to do it again.

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Jock’s put up a wood shed

shed 1shed 3

To a gifted bricoleur like Jock, this shed should have been a piece of cake.  But it took him best part of 3 days – like any flatpack operation, holes didn’t match up, bits were the wrong way round and other bits were missing.  He’s started loading it with wood, to stop the wind blowing it away, but we haven’t yet had the estimate for installing a woodburner in the sitting room.  Ah well, it keeps him off the streets and out of mischief, as he always says to me about my quilting and blogging activities!

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OctPo 24 – Strictly Mania


Picture from BBC Strictly Come Dancing Gallery

Sparkle, colour, music, lights,
spray-tanned flesh and fancy tights.

The briefest of costumes, fringes and beads,
stumbles and missed steps, perfect heel leads.

Old time ball gowns with layers of frills,
fleckels and voltas, botofogos and spills.

Tension, tears and tantrums.
Twists and turns and wardrobe malfunctions.

Fancy footwork, lifts and twirls.
Hunky men and long-legged girls.

The older one, the fat one, the clown,
the non-dancer who won’t be put down.

Graceful arms with hands like meat.
Pointed toes and the flattest feet.

The mismatched pair, or the perfect alliance,
Disaster versus breath-holding triumph.

Fearsome judges and beautiful hosts
Which one do we love the most?

Stomping the floor or flying around.
Out of all that, a champion is found.

Christmas comes and it’s all over
till next year, can’t wait for October -
for another cliché roller coaster.


Many dread the end of summer.  We don’t because Autumn sees the start of our guilty pleasure, Strictly Come Dancing,  (in US it’s called, Dancing with the Stars) which runs right up to Christmas.  This is for OctPoWriPo Day 24 prompt Reality Check and Guilty Pleasures.  Also linked at dVerse Poets’ Pub’s Open Link Night

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OctPo 23 Nearly done

All life is change
from one day to the next
new chapters unreel
like a film over the sprockets.
we can only live it
in hope.

for OctPoWrimo Day 23.  The image is by Julie Jordan Scott

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OctPo 22 – Lanterne

is my
and my desire

keeps me
living and

Poetic Bloomings gives the recipe for a Lanterne poem –  a five line unrhymed sentence poem of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 1 syllable lines – not as easy as it sounds, but I managed 2!




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Octpo Day 21- ViV, Her Mark

I made my mark in different ways,
made many quilts to keep folk warm;
made things of wood and wool
that should endure awhile,
assembled words into poems and stories
and left my genes in a few human beings.
I’ve shown that I was here.

Late for Day 21’s Octpo prompt (we had visitors yesterday)

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OctPo Day 20 Late

The OctpoWriPo prompt today, Better Late than Never,  gives us the opportunity for mockery.  Sorry, Morgan.

Untimely warm and windy weather
discombobulated our host.
She forgot to do
what she should have done
and regretted it the most.
The rest of us forgave her
and rushed to enjoy the break
with fun and games to fill the gap
but now it is too late -
the prompt arrived at last
with hasty poems to make.

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Wordle 183 and Octpo Day 19: Raindrops

To walk between shadows of raindrops
requires agility, persistence, ability —
a crazy secret seer of spaces
where diamond drops don’t fall
and a strange shine enthrals.
Childhood tricks taught us
to avoid the cracks, prisoners of ritual,
placement of feet exact, with laughter
at the martyrdom of freedom
to walk at random.


Octpo Day 19 the prompt is Raindrops on my Windowpane, which fitted in well for me with the Wordle words, of which I failed to use only one.

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