bare bones poetry

Dust dancing,
still, alone, silent,
glittering above,
reflecting below.
Choking in awe,
I hear music
as wind blows
the dust from my mood.



A poem shrunk from a much longer piece of writing, for dVerse Open Link Night

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Six word Saturday

After tomorrow days start getting longer

and we can all cheer up by thinking of Spring.

at the Mill again
image  © VFB  –   Le Moulin at Villebaudon

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Cold, hard and helpless
against unstoppable force
the young girl shivers

Cold and pain bite now -
arrival is imminent,
last effort needed

Ultimate struggle
to triumphal arrival
of joy to the world.



For Meeting the Bar at dVerse, Gay Reiser Cannon asks us for a birthday poem.  My first attempt was graphic in the extreme, unreadable, so I set to anew, and came up with this little haiku chain.

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The Stuff of Life

Gone are the days when I had the force
to pummel the dough into shape.
Gone are the days when the bread in the house
was all mine.
Now are the days of disaster, ageing bones
of fragile alabaster,
too frail for the weekly bake.

The bread that we eat now is plastic,
shaped by other hands.
The bread that we eat now
is not made by me
but by other people who don’t take such care,
loving the feel of live swelling food
rising to desirable altitude, light as air.

Gone are the days of gourmandise,
for the treat that’s mainly aroma,
bewitching the household with appetite
for good old-fashioned bread and cheese.



Grace at dVerse poetics gives us two fantastic poems about BREAD and asks us to write our own.  On my blog, one of the most visited poems is this one in which I take you through the making from start to eating.

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Ruinous rhyme


For lack of maintenance and too much time
old structures crumble, fail to hold the line;
old folk stumble, inexorable decline
with age and certain fate malign
to rack and ruin, farewell life sublime.

Apologies for the gloomy nature of my response to Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryout prompt

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Say Nothing. Wordle 191

Say Nothing


So many one true churches,
spinning in a tangle;
such plurality of one true gods
endeavouring to gain an angle
on the angels of the planets.
Tread softly on the faith of others,
spread instead forbearance,
with echoes of forever
carried on the winter wind



Lunatics, spacecraft and loser couldn’t find a place in my wordle poem.  You’ll find other poems at Brenda’s Sunday Wordle

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Countdown to Christmas: I’m running late

The cards are written and posted, to Australia and USA at the same time as the local ones.  I started early with knitted presents for the grand-daughters and little friends, but became complacent, and now I’m struggling over what to give the adults.  I’ve done no Christmas baking and making, as there’ll be no-one here but us two, but my conscience is pricking me.

I think there are other folk panicking over at Cate’s Place:

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Time Travel

At the dVerse pub they are delving into the fantasy of  fictional characters coming to life, and of finding ourselves somewhere else  while at Red Wolf Poems, it’s some-when else.
My mind wandered………..

Time Travel

Where am I?
Everyone says it when
consciousness returns,
but where is here?
The Tower of London of course, dear.
I’m still confused.
A whiff of roses in December?
No, dear, it’s September.
Which year?
Fifteen seventy-three.
Oh dear.
I must still be dreaming.
What happened in
Fifteen seventy-three?
And what will happen to me?
Elizabeth, you say? Oh her,
the other one, the Virgin Queen.
Well, that’s no fun,  and besides,
she had folk beheaded on a whim.
Please can I go back to twenty-o-three?
At least I would be
a few years younger.



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Birdwatching poem published

Another poem of mine has been commended and published at Second Light Live

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This is an extract from a prose memoir, re-blogged in response to Walt’s prompt about Pearl Harbour in Creative Bloomings


“…..a small plump girl with ringlets bunched in satin bows, eyes screwed up against the sun, mouth hidden behind a large doll. I remember the buzzing of bees in the Buddleia by the French windows. But no, it’s louder than that. Look up: the sky so far above me contains a whirling swarm of insects, chasing each other, swooping, curling upwards and away only to drop down to resume the senseless circus. I did not know it then, but those loud insects were Spitfires and Heinkels, Hurricanes and Junkers, their young pilots desperately trying to shoot each other out of the sky. It was the summer of 1940 in South-West London…..”

I did write a poem about it, but  feel that the prose caught the setting better. 

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Green Filet Wordling – Wordle 190


Green Filet Wordling

Sustained use of wordle words
is such a strain.
It leaves me deranged, dullally
in a haze of indecision -
to mock or not to mock?

I traipse the floor
and feign confusion,
exchange rational thought
for the chains of delusion,
find no place for flame, or cape
give up and sulk in my cave
for the rest of the day.

Apart from the green filet of my title,
(unless pronounced in French)
every word in the list is some kind of rhyme,
Sheer bloody-mindedness makes me decline
to use them at the end of every line  –
which,  practised to excess,  makes doggerel.


You’ll no doubt find more sensible wordles – maybe even some beautiful ones – here

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Whoopee!  The sun is shining brightly

after a dreary wet and chilly week.  It’s time I got up and got out there, well wrapped up against the cold.


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Fairytale Wordle

I reckon this is my most economical wordle yet…

Frost lost in a puff of dust -
life flies by
like a toy aeroplane out of the door.
The fairies’ soft song tells the story.

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Junk the Jargon

Situations Vacant (Help needed)
Translator/interpreter required
by plain-English-speaking staff
to disentangle
inter-office memoranda and incoming mail
and interpret at management meetings
Sense of humour essential.
Remuneration (pay) generous.
Wig provided when all hair has been torn out.



Tony Maude at The poets’ Pub is on the case, wanting us to debunk the jargon.  When I left my teaching job at Seychelles Polytechnic, my boss, the Head of Business Studies, gave me a giant card, with three columns of buzz words – verbs, nouns and adjectives,  with instructions to perm any one from each column, as a gentle jibe at my renowned antipathy to jargon.  Unfortunately the card has been lost in one of our many moves, hence my contribution to the day’s fun.


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Winners and Losers

 image from Google

Blokes in  bags under bridges:
some might pity
others might scorn
some might kick them
others might bring hot soup.
If we look after the losers
we all win.
for  dVerse Poetics

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